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Time 2 Kill Clan Official Mission Statement

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:54 am
by <(T2K)>Alucard

T2K Clan is here to give everyone who wants the chance to participate in a clan the opportunity to do so. We hope the person takes away a feeling accomplishment and pride by raising the bar in their own game play and helping other members in raising theirs.

We are not assholes! We treat each other and the players in the game with respect. We are not here to look down or discriminate on those who may not play as well as you, but instead help them understand how to play better in all game types and how to treat others with out being assholes.

We believe that everyone can be a excellent player given the chance.

Yes we may take in many members with this attitude and our clan may get large, but you only get out of it what you put into it. If you join and leave us after whatever amount of time we hope you have learned respect for other player and see that extreme trash talking or boasting is just not useful in game play.

A large clan give you a chance to play against those who have the same ambition to excel in the game. By placing a ranking in the form of squads we try to give members a chance to strive to be the best they can in the game in an environment free of those who just want to be assholes, idiots and so forth and so on.

Our wars are done in a manner that are effective and efficient. The War team for any given War Match are chosen by means of a tryout before the match. We require you show up and play in the tryouts if you want a chance to participate in a war. Do not expect to play if you show up during a war after the tryouts. The tryouts are also meant to see how a members does compared to the other members and if he/she is good enough to advance to another squad.

Respect Other Players Clans/Clan Members

"If you go out and get in trouble for hacking or cheating or running your mouth off in T2k servers or other clan servers you may be kicked from the clan depending on the circumstance but believe you it will be dealt with discrimination of age, race, religion or sexuality will not be tolerated."

Respect ATB and the higher T2K staffs actions. As admins and moderators of the game server and forums we are here to keep things to the spirit of the T2K philosophy. We will do what is necessary to keep the peace and make sure all members follow the statements that have been made above.

*This is a repost of of the original made by <(T2K)>Cleric*